// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // | | // | net2ftp | // | | // | To do list | // | | // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ new features - new features - new features - new features - new features ------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Recursive chmod (requested by emonkey) * Command Line Interface (requested by edph) * URL to FTP (meaning, you enter the URL of a picture in net2ftp, and net2ftp gets that picture and saves it on your FTP server; could be extended to any content, like a page, sound, ...) (requested by arie) * Let the user select the number of upload fields. Currently it has to be specified in the settings file (requested by Ajay) * List the files and directories together, so that manipulations like chmod, zip download etc can be done on them together. Currently these have to be done seperately (requested by Ajay) * Make an admin panel if possible, where changes can be made to the program, e.g. change the name of website and other such customizations, like the look or the fields in the settings file (requested by Ajay) * Add a upload field at the bottom of the directories listing as well as makenew dir etc for immediate creation, instead of going to a new page for this (requested by Ajay) * Allow the user to select the mode of transfer, i.e. binary, ascii or auto (requested by Ajay and Decsifo) * Multi-lingual support * Apache/MySQL specific tools: password-protect directories, custom error pages, run SQL queries * Upload progress bar * Show thumbnails for gif, jpg and png files * Send/receive files by mail * Search files for given string * One-time passwords * Client-side encryption with javascript * Make FTP files available via HTML link, like for example: * Add compression of the HTML output, if the browser supports it. This should do the trick: ob_start("ob_gzhandler") * Sign a file (MD5) * There is a function that maps the FTP server and directory, to the WEB (HTTP) server and directory. It is used on the Browse screen, when a user clicks on the filename, a new window opens in which that file is executed from its WEB (not FTP) server. This function works perfectly if a domain name is used (eg ftp.mysite.com/dir/file.php is mapped to http://www.mysite.com/dir/file.php). However, this function has to be adapted on a case-by-case basis for most free hosts, because the mapping is different for each host. Some examples: ftp.freeserver.com/username/dir/file.php can be mapped to http://username.freeserver.com/dir/file.php http://www.freeserver.com/username/dir/file.php http://freeusers.freeserver.com//~username/dir/file.php On the homepage, there should be a note for this, both for the users of free webhosts, and for the free webhosts, which would like their FTP server to be reachable using net2ftp * Install script * Bug report specifications for forum -------------------------------------------------------------------------- bugs - bugs - bugs - bugs - bugs - bugs - bugs - bugs - bugs - bugs - bugs -------------------------------------------------------------------------- * The user Urban reported a problem with symlinks: relative symlinks work, but absolute ones not. When investigating this, it appeared that there are symlinks to directories, and symlinks to files. The problem is that a ftp_rawlist request does not show any difference... no solution yet. This can be tested on the public server ftp.belnet.be with username anonymous and password test@test.com -- any volunteers? * Solve the problem that slower FTP sites cannot be reached sometimes with net2ftp. This function may help: ftp_set_option(FTP_TIMEOUT_SEC) * Liz reported this on http://www.net2ftp.com/forum/read.php?f=1&i=400&t=400 error after downloading once Author: liz ( Date: 06-16-03 14:41 I just started using this, so im not sure if you guys are aware or not, but i thought id point it out anyway. I can connect fine, browse through my folders fine, nothing wrong there. The problem i come into is when i want to download a file. Ill download it, and then ill come back to either download another or do pretty much anything else and i get errors that wont let me do anything else except refresh the page then making me log-in again. Not that this is a really bad problem, but it makes downloading a bunch of files rather lengthly. Let me know if this is known or its something on my end that i need to change. thanks. * Slynderdale reported this on http://www.net2ftp.com/forum/read.php?f=1&i=433&t=433 Empty Files Support Setting Author: Slynderdale (24-161-22-209.hvc.rr.com) Date: 06-22-03 02:06 In net2ftp, you get errors if you try to edit, save, upload empty files, erct. What I mean by empty files, are files that dont contain any data, that have a file size of 0. With my edits now, theres a setting that you can set to allow support for empty files. The setting: //Allows support for empty files //These are files with 0 filesize //Set to "yes" to enable it $empty_file_support = "yes"; ==> Slynderdale has a fix, it will be incorporated in the next release * Daniel Stobbe reported this on http://www.net2ftp.com/forum/read.php?f=1&i=460&t=460 Hello, i have edited a html file with the wysiwyg-editor. I only changed Text. After save, the File format was destroyed. - the "" and the "" was removed. (or more...) - the "" tags in the -area are not removed. Sorry, i've restored a backup very fast(site was online) - without backup of destoyed file. If you don't have any information, i try to check this. thanx, Daniel Stobbe, PHPaction berlin.