Features for administrators

MySQL database

A MySQL database is optional. A MySQL database is only needed for logging, and for the Daily Limit (see below).


Allow the users to connect to all FTP servers, or to only a predefined list of FTP servers.

The input box on the login page will change accordingly.


Activate or deactivate 2 kinds of logging: access and error logs.

These logs can be downloaded and deleted by the user.

Daily limit

Restrict each user's daily data transfer volume and script execution time. Once a user reaches the daily consumption limit, he will still be able to browse FTP servers, but the transfer of data to/from the server will be blocked.

Large file limit

Files bigger than this limit can't be downloaded/uploaded/copied/etc but can still be renamed/deleted/chmodded.


Change the layout of net2ftp as you want using the template files.

Integration in other PHP applications

net2ftp can easily be integrated in other PHP applications. Modules for Mambo, Drupal and Xoops are provided in the zip file.