Abuse What to do when an unauthorized person has accessed your FTP server through net2ftp


If you think your FTP server has been accessed by an unauthorized person, this is what you should do: change your FTP password, and find the hacker to report him to the authorities.

Change your FTP password

The first thing to do is to change your FTP password. This must be done on the FTP *server*. Contact your ISP if you need help with this.

Find the hacker

We keep access logs at net2ftp.com, and can provide you with the IP address that was used to connect to net2ftp.com.
Please report abuses via email to david AT net2ftp DOT com; add "net2ftp" in your subject line. Include the following details in your email:

  • FTP server name and IP address.
  • Username which was used to access the FTP server.
  • Exact times at which the FTP server was accessed (convert the time to GMT).
  • Your contact details (email address and if possible a phone number).
Note that a proxy or anonymizer may have been used by the hacker, in which case you'll have to contact other people to track down this person.

Help us block the uploading of phishing scams

We can add keywords (ebay, paypal, etc.) to a list of banned keywords to avoid the uploading of phishing websites. Directories and files containing these keywords can't be processed using net2ftp. This is obviously only a limited solution.